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12-in-1 Trimmer

The Kit ‘N’ Caboodle 12-in-1 Trimmer features 12 shaped cutting blades which allow you to create beautifully detailed and intricate shaped edges to incorporate into your papercraft project.

Simply rotate the disc at the top of the trimmer until your chosen edge style lines up with the top of the clear cutting guide. Place your paper underneath the guide and drag the cutting blade from the top to the bottom of your paper using the ergonimically designed grip. Remove the paper to reveal your chosen shaped edge.

The Kit ‘N’ Caboodle 12-in-1 Trimmer also features 2 retractable tearing edges. These tearing edges help to create a shabby effect by giving the edge of the paper a torn edge. Unfold the edges and place your paper underneath. Tear the paper along the edge to create different effects.

When using heavier weight paper or light weight cardstock with the tearing edges, soften the fibres with a damp paintbrush and tear. This will give a softer more feathered look than tearing without the wate.

The top of the trimmer features a measuring guide enabling you to accurately place your paper to be cut to a desired length. The ruler can be extended by unfolding the tearing edges for larger projects.

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